Friday, January 31, 2020

Understand the role of the Social Care Worker Essay Example for Free

Understand the role of the Social Care Worker Essay Ai: Three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship are: A working relationship is a relationship that remains professional within the workplace where as a personal relationship you may spend time with someone out of work hours. A personal relationship is a relationship in which information sharing is unlimited yet a working relationship information sharing is on a need to know basis with colleagues, residents and other professionals. A personal relationship is one of choice with someone you like and share common interests where as a working relationship may be with someone you may not usually be friends with but have to form a team with that person and work under certain rules. Aii: One example of a working relationship in an adult social care setting is the relationship between carer and resident. This relationship is important as you need to maintain a professional duty of care. Another example would be between the senior in charge and the G.P. When a G.P comes to see a resident that is poorly they are relying on the carers and the senior in charge to inform them of any changes in that resident so they need to be professional at all times. Aiii: It is important that social care workers work in partnership with individuals using the service and their families because we all have a common interest in doing whats best for the individual and keeping them from harm. The service user is there because they may not have someone that can look after them the way they need therefore involving families and help to improve the way you care for them. For example, you might think that â€Å"Doris† may like going to bed at 10pm every night but is always very tired during the day after getting up at 7am. The family can tell you that in fact â€Å"Doris† used to go to bed at 9pm and likes getting up at 8am when she was at home. It is  essential to establish and maintain a good working relationship with family as they can also help to overcome any communication issues you may have with that service user and also find out their preferences for food choices. It’s all about person centered care. The resident is less open to abuse as there are clear boundaries and expectations of the social care workers relationship. Aiv: Three ways of working that can help improve partnership working are: Involve the resident in all decision making regarding their care plans for example what time they like to go bed, whether they prefer a bath or shower and if they like to go out on planned outings Give them a choice at meal times and what they would like to wear that day Try to promote their independence by giving them as much do to by themselves as possible for them without allowing them to struggle and that someone is there if they need a hand. Av: When people with different views, skills and expertise work together there may be disagreements about the best way forward. Here is five different skills or approaches that may help resolve conflict. 1.By listening to each side may help you and others see that your way may or not be the best way 2.By compromising you can figure out the best outcome by thinking about all possible solutions 3.Stay calm. If you start to lose your temper than the problem isnt going to get resolved 4.Communication is key. By talking it through you all may come up with a suitable solution as a team 5.By using a person centered approach everyone has the residents best interests at heart. Avi: Two ways in which you could obtain support and advice about working in partnership and resolving conflicts are by talking to colleagues and senior members of staff. They may have more experience and knowledge when dealing with conflicts or partnership working. The manager can help you by offering a professional solution to conflicts and follow the complaints procedure. If necessary the manager will enable you to access conflict management training or any other training that may be relevant. Task B Bi: Agreed ways of working means: That you should keep up to date with legislation Follow policies and procedures Work within your job description Work within your code of conduct Work in line with care standards Bii: Its important to have up to date details regarding the agreed ways of working because if a piece of legislation changes, as they do quite regularly, you need to know what is expected of you. When I was pregnant in order to keep myself, my colleagues and the residents safe my job description changed slightly and my new agreed ways of working were updated regularly. These changed back when I returned to work after having the baby. Biii: Where I am not trained in giving medication if I was to carry out this task I would be liable if something was to go wrong. I do not carry out tasks that are not within my job description and that i have not been trained in as these are not within my agreed ways of working. Its important to follow these guidelines so that I do not cause harm to myself, my colleagues or the residents.

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